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Vertebral augmentation (vertebroplasty)

Recommended as a non-surgical treatment of a fractured spine, vertebral augmentation or vertebroplasty utilizes specialized bone cement to stabilize compression fractures, provide support to weakened vertebrae and thus relieve pain. Positive results are often immediate and some patients become symptom-free.

  • Relieves the pain of compression fractures
  • Ideal for osteoporosis sufferers
  • Well suited to elderly patients
  • Improves mobility and functional abilities
  • Can prevent height loss & spine curvature

Using a hollow needle, or trocar, that is X-ray guided to the fractured vertebra through a small prick in the skin, the Columbia Pain & Spine Institute physician and specialists inject orthopedic cement into the vacant spaces of a fractured vertebrae. The cement quickly hardens to strengthen the vertebrae, provide spinal support and reduce pain.

  • One hour procedure (longer for multiple vertebra)
  • Requires little or no hospital stay
  • Minimally invasive; no surgical incision
  • Immediate results possible; normally within a few days

Vertebral augmentation is most effective when performed within eight weeks of initial symptoms, before the vertebral structure(s) begin to heal in a collapsed state.

Columbia Pain & Spine Institute performs numerous vertebroplasty procedures each year. Our staff are expert at offering an accurate diagnosis, pinpointing the exact area of pain and working with a team of specialists to provide a solution to your pain.